Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HotPaw Productions announced Music Spectrograph for iOS

Santa Clara, CA - HotPaw Productions announces Music Spectrograph 1.0, now available from Apple's iTunes App store. Visualize sound as musical notes on a piano roll. See mic input graphed in real-time, almost as it might appear in a MIDI music editor, to assist with music transcription. Find notes hidden inside chords, or just watch the rise and fall in the pitch and all the overtones of the sounds around you. The Music Spectrograph uses real-time signal processing to create a scrolling 12th-octave spectrogram, with each frequency band centered on a musical note.

The Music Spectrograph app might prove helpful for for music education, music transcription, acoustics understanding, speech therapy or vocal training.

Mrs. Nicholson says: "Wow, that's a really cool looking app. What's it do?". The developer's cats just looked at the app and went back to napping (as it obviously wasn't a mouse or a bird).

Ron Nicholson founded HotPaw Productions in 1999, first developing mobile apps for PalmOS devices, and has been developing iOS apps since the App store first opened. There are over 20 iPhone and iPad apps developed by HotPaw Productions the iOS App store, including the inTuna Strobe Guitar Tuner, Sing-inTuna, and HotPaw Basic. Copyright (C) 2011 HotPaw Productions. All Rights Reserved. Apple, iTunes, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


Ron Nicholson

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