Friday, June 3, 2011

June App Updates

The Morse Decoder app for iPhone and iPad has been upgraded to version 1.7. It now includes a new High Speed WPM mode switch to support decoding really fast QRQ WPM speeds from 40 to 80 WPM. Morse code just sounds like a blur at those rates. The HotPaw Basic app includes a "morse" command which supports sending Morse Code sounds up to 99 WPM.

The HotPaw Music Spectrograph update to version 1.1.2 will now allow you to analyze music from your iTunes Library. Hit the "Song" button, and it will let you select a tune to convert and visualize in spectrograph form. You can stop and replay sections of music to (re)hear what interesting looking segments of the spectrum graph sound like. I used it to help transcribe some complicated fast piano riffs. Currently does monophonic analysis only.

Sing-inTuna update version 2.1.3 includes a fix for a rare problem where someone reported the app needed to be force quit and restarted to get audio working again.


Steve Silverman said...

Can I use a Griffin iMic to get line level radio audio into your decoder in order to bypass the mic and the noise in the room?


HotPaw said...

I don't know enough about the iMic product to comment about whether it might work. Some audio to USB input devices are reported to work in conjunction with Apple's Camera Connection kit for audio input into the iPad and iPad 2, but you may have to check with the manufacturers or the community to find out which ones might work.

There are also some professional audio interface boxes that can convert line level audio to consumer headset mic input levels. Some discussion on suggests that a 40dB or 50dB attenuator for audio into the wired headset input might work, but YMMV.

News said...

Will it work on a second gen Itouch?

HotPaw said...

Sorry, we don't have a 2nd gen iPod Touch on which to do any app testing. It won't work on a 1st gen iPod Touch, for sure (no mic or mic input).