Thursday, December 1, 2011

HotPaw Morse Decoder, now available for the Mac

The HotPaw Morse Decoder app for the iPhone and iPad has turned out to be a surprisingly popular app worldwide, selling copies in almost 50 countries, and getting great reviews.  (Although it never hurts to have more! :)

The Morse Decoder has now been ported to Mac OS X.  Version 1.0 of the HotPaw CW Morse Decoder for the Mac is available from the Mac App Store.  The features are nearly identical to the iPad version of the app, including the narrow band audio filtering and high speed QRQ mode with can decode Morse Code at over 80 WPM in good conditions.

So, the interesting question will be: How many radio amateurs use recent Macs?


Jarsson said...

Is it your intention to limit the use to recent macs only?
Or it is a technical problem to compile the soft for everything above or equal OSX 10.4, no matter if on G4 or Intel ?

HotPaw said...

Apple appears not to allow PPC apps in their App Store. Furthermore, I do not have a Mac running 10.4 on which to develop or test apps. Apps can run very differently on 10.4, and I prefer not to distribute apps for an OS version which I have not personally tested.