Monday, December 19, 2011

iChromatic Strobe Tuner now in the Mac App Store

I was surprised when I looked in the Mac App Store a few weeks ago, and didn't see any musical instrument tuner applications that were, in my opinion, both attractive and accurate.  So I created a new chromatic strobe tuner app just for the Mac.  The HotPaw iChromatic Strobe Tuner is now available from the Mac App Store for an introductory and fairly low price.

The visual concept is very similar that used in my popular inTuna Guitar Tuners and iChromatic HD Tuners available from the iOS App store.  However, I used the greater processing power available on the Mac to display more attractive circular pitch strobes (two of them), plus a note-on-keyboard indicator and a music grand staff display, as well as usual meter dials and frequency read-out.  It supports a configurable Concert A frequency and several settings to customize tuning intonation by cents.  Check it out, and feel free to send feedback (or bug reports if you find any).

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